Meet the writers

Edward Burrell

Website Editor and Blog Editor

I'm proud to be a music nerd with a wide, weird and wonderful taste in music and I have the 20 different genres of music in my ITunes Library to prove it. That doesn't mean I listen to everything, it just means that if you ask me what my favorite song or album is, you'll get a different answer every hour.

You can't call yourself a music critic, you're not going to criticize anything, so i'm warning you in advance, when you declare me a hater after reading my articles, I will not care.

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Liu Scott

FF Thought Editor

I'm Mr #crudBUTprofessional from North West London. 

I've been working in this industry for nearly a decade from radio presenting, script writing, production assistant, TV production and blog writing.

I'm a lover of both UK and US music, I will discuss the industry from the inside out to give you a more open view on new or pressing issue's taking shape. 

I featured on Sneakbo's top 20 album "Brixton" in 2018 and continue to be one of the UK industry most fair but critical critic's. 

Keeping it #crudBUTprofessional

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Samee Anibaba

FF Review Editor

My name's Samee Anibaba, I'm the review editor at the Finesse Foreva website.

Raised in Kent by way of Woolwich, I've been a music fan since hearing legends like Nas and Kanye on TV as a kid and my first experience as music writer was at the now defunct online mag Frequency 21.

Since then I've really enjoyed writing on new music and getting it out there to be heard. Whether it's UK artists like Not3s or US heavyweights like Gucci Mane, I'll always love hearing new music and putting people on.


FF News Editor.

 I'm AJ and I flex between being the news editor as well as head of  promotion and the unofficial manager of the 28s. 

If you ever need to know the latest information on what's going on in Finesse Foreva I'm your man.

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