Bryson Tiller is on Time with "Anniversary"

Nostalgia is timely, it always comes at the right time and Bryson Tiller knows it. His debut project "Trapsoul" has had great significance for the lives and careers of so many people. It was the soundtrack of the fall of 2015. On its fifth anniversary, Bryson Tiller releases his third ALBUM "Anniversary " by cunningly tapping i nto the need for his characteristic sound.

When it gets cooler outside and summer comes to an end, the desire to reconnect with past loves that have gone away or to find new feelings and connections is at its peak. In an age where the future of the world is uncertain, connecting through the sound of that desire is wildly desirable. Tiller focuses on this with his third album title, cover, launch and composition.

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A week before the release of Anniversary, Tiller released a deluxe version of his debut album “Trapsoul”, with an accompanying music video, “Right My Wrongs”. It served as a reminder of the effect and significance of the project. Tiller and his team were quite adept at sparking interest in what was to come. When the new project's cover came out, we all saw that the new artwork mirrored Trapsoul, only with a blue filter instead of a red one and Tiller facing the opposite direction.

This created the expectation that Tiller knew what sound and feel he was supposed to deliver. His second album “True To Self”, albeit with moments of brilliance, was disappointing for many. So Tiller took a three-year hiatus and successfully returned to the sound that tipped him five years ago in the spotlight.

Sonically, Anniversary is a sequel to "TrapSoul", the same lo-fi moody instrumentals sound, even the dark blue tint of the album cover is indicative of the sentiment behind these tracks. Songs like” I'm Ready for You” and “Things Change” sound like they're submerged underwater. The 808s are crisp and leap to the ears with prominence, the background synths and murky vocal distortions are bulky and all- consuming.

From the first track “Years Go By”, we not only get a soundscape that feels like “Trapsoul”, but also an acknowledgment from Tiller of what he needed to come back with for a new project. Personally, I love when Bryson Tiller goes wild in a song, in “Years Go By” he holds absolutely nothing! From the moment you hit play, you get a passionate vocal performance and nothing but unrepentant lyrics. You also get a beat that boasts both smooth and tumultuous vibes.

Finesse Foreva UK Blog Bryson Tiller Anniversary Trap Soul Drake