• liuromaine

Frisco brings back the BBK collective on this gorgeous grime posse cut "Red Flag"

You can always count on BBK to drop a grime banger. All solid mc's in their own right, is great to see them over production by up and coming producer Trooh Hippi.

But who had the best verse? Well let's go one by one.

After a great hook by Frisco, Skepta starts his verse perfectly and let's off one of the most greezy bars of the year

"I hope you trust in your friendships

Gonna need a full clip, something' extended

No, I am not your father

If I gotta put him in care, better know that's something' intensive"

Jammer further proves why he's an underrated spitter in grime. He rarely delivers a bad feature and can drop gems with an energetic flow

"Doin' this ting from the start, send them man shells like Mario Kart

Them man are gassed like when Mario starts

Tell him I'm Wario's darg

The beef is vegan, the Haribo's aren't"

Jme for me gives the most standout verse on the record. Mixing wordplay and personality that makes his verses so catchy

"Bad boy crep, manna got bareBedroom full up of SKAir (Trust)But I don't wear them out, not 'cause I don't wanna wear them out

But I don't wanna wear them out, ya get me?"

Frisco for me is the most consistent BBK mc on posse cuts, always giving a top 3 verse. Plus when he enters that "Frisco flow" few can stop him

"Man can't ring me and ask where I know his girl from, man better hang up and redial

BBK 'til I'm old and senile (Come on)

Big money sound, got the pounds on speed dial (Oh, yeah)"

Shorty is usually a strong opener or closing verse and while I wasn't the biggest fan on this record, he's still charismatic and his flow is fluid and wavy