'obsessed with the progress': rose gold by headie one

merely a week ago headie one graced the music scene with yet another song with production from ghosty. we are opened with a distinct beat which hits harder and leaves a strong impression with the expectation of continuity throughout the song, but does it continue?

if you listen to headie one, we know what to expect. the same flow, sometimes with a slight change in tone or change of flow. his recipe for music is the same all way through, and I guess what I expected when first hearing the intro was something slightly different. the song 'rose gold' isn't bad, Headie stays an innovative artist; it has cute little moments, with a few nice moments of word play. but other than that it doesn't do much except deliver another typical headie song.

a favourite line of mine in the song is ' I was obsessed with money, now I'm obsessed with the progress', its true that headie continues to grow as an artist, however it is easy to question his progress when most of his songs have a similar sound. the change in objective and drive conveys what music does for those that grew up in tough environments and so we see the power of music in people's lives, this we applaud.

overall, rose gold is a standard Uk Drill song, not amazing by any means, but a good return to form for Headie One.

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