Yes, he's a white ginger kid on Drill, get over it.

Cillian glides over drill instrumentals in such a calm manner on "Do Me Wrong", and it sounds quite effortless.

Cillian has shown at his young age he can write a good hook with strong verses to go along with it, not just a good hook and first verse with a flimsy 32 bar on the end to fill out the 2 minutes. He can fill out a three minute track without running out of steam, as simple as that sounds, at this stage that's an achievement.

His lack of aggression makes him unique, and not in a bad way, because the content isn't watered down at all. he simply has a relaxed tone which makes this track so easy to catch a vibe to, and his flow sound so effortless despite who tekky it is.

Kudos to the producer using a well known D12 sample in old school hip hop circles as a melody the beat, it was brave and it paid off.

Cillian is certainly on track for FF UK Drill Freshman in 2020 if he can keep up the work rate.

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